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Is dating someone at work really that bad? There have been lots of people saying that dating someone at work is nothing but trouble. However we should remember that we can not generalize even though there are more people having bad experiences about it. There may be a rare few who have found true love at work. I’m not talking about being in love with your work. I’m talking about being in love with someone at work. This might turn out good just as long as the person you fall in love with is not the big boss. This might entail more problems. If you’re the boss, you might even be sued for sexual harassment.

There’s a big chance that lots of people fall in love with someone at the workplace. Why not? A person spends a quarter of his day stuck in the office. So there’s a big chance that he or she will meet someone there and have time to get along with one another. Lots of things could happen during those 8 hours. They could catch a breather and have a chit chat. They could go eat lunch together. So the bonds that are formed can not be questioned.

This situation is a total heaven for some people. Their heads are held up high with little daisies or birds floating around your head. Love is in the building which makes you more inspired to work. There sure is no problem with this; in fact we should all be happy for the happy person. But what if the opposite happens? Let’s say all the things that you expect and wanted just came crashing down faster than the titanic. This is where all problems start out.

First thing’s first, how can you now concentrate on your work. The thought of your ex could always be bothering you because he or she is just near you. When your ex just passes by, you’ll eventually think of what went wrong or the other things about your past relationship. Thing’s will only get worse because seeing him or her will be so awkward. That when she goes to the photocopying machine you’ll be so tense to photocopy yours and will take you an hour just to finish it.

The workplace is also a place for some people to hide from their ex. It is a place where they pour out their frustrations which makes them work harder. If they are not able to pour out their frustrations at their work, they might just pour it out on you. It would be pretty distracting for the other office mates to hear you cry.

Another problem that could drive you more nuts is the gossip. People will then stab you at the back making stories how bad you are at dating. These things will only make you more paranoid.

All these things that happen when you have a broken relationship at work could definitely lead to less efficient work. Less efficient work means more chances of getting fired. If you came to work to find a relationship, there would be no problem with how bad your relationship ends up. But most people go to work because they want financial stability not emotional baggage. So before entering into a relationship with someone at work, think about it very well. Sometimes following your head rather than your heart pays off, especially in the workplace.

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