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Is Online Dating For You?


Online dating has become the most prefered way towards love seekers around the world

I have to say this topic is kind of ironic because just six months ago my best friend took a “test-drive” with three of the top providers of online dating sites. My amateur photography skills were taken to new heights as she went through wardrobe changes, hair-do’s and different shades of lipstick, you know so the pictures didn’t appear to be taken all in one day!

To make a long story a little shorter, my friend didn’t find love, no friends and not even a date that would pay for a decent meal! I blame it on variety because in my opinion my friend wasn’t realistic. She based a lot of her decisions on photos rather than those heart filled words of profiles.

What did I learn from the whole experience?

If you see a profile that’s empty, don’t expect much! If someone is too lazy to fill out a short, 200-word profile—what would make you think they have anything important to say anyway. In the least one can gather, that person is not serious about making a connection.

If you see a profile splattered with pictures of a no-shirt wearing dude in poses on his bed, upside down on his exercise equipment or cut off at the waist giving the implication that he’s naked, click “next”. Don’t let your weakened ability to turn off pure animal-like arousal take over your senses, okay he’s sexy but he’s just looking for a fan club or a new number for his booty-call page.

This one astounds me literally!

If you see a picture on a profile taken with an ex, they are probably looking for a woman to talk to about their ex. My friend did initiate conversation with one of these lovesick bums and that was the topic of choice, it went something like my last relationship failed because yadda, yadda, yadda! It continued that way for nearly an hour until I just pulled the power cord!

What about profiles with no pictures at all?

Red flag number one! If someone doesn’t post a picture who are they hiding from? Granted I will say, that just because someone doesn’t post a picture isn’t always a bad sign but the first impression could be that the person is either married, still attached in some way, has low self esteem or is so broke they can’t afford a $20 digital camera and a $50 scanner. If someone is serious but embarrassed to display a picture for all to see, they usually add somewhere in the profile, photos available upon request which isn’t a bad idea.

If someone has taken the time to write a profile, take the time to read it! You could find “Mr. Perfect” staring right back at you in black and white print.

The most common complaint I had with my friend was, I didn’t think that she really gave it a chance. I’m sorry but not many people are photogenic and few look the way they appear in pictures. I kept telling her, “just give one ugly guy a chance”, but it was pointless. She kept going after the guys classified as “athletic build” whose hobbies included weight training, jogging and weekend trips to the health store for fun when she hasn’t even crossed a leg for ten years!

On the other hand I met a girl I once worked with a month ago who told me that she’s married to a wonderful man from another state and they met on an online dating site. They’ve been married for three years and are expecting the birth of their first baby. After only three short months of e-mail communication turned hours of phone conversation and eventually their first face-to-face meeting, they married three weeks after they saw each other in person! I guess online dating can work, it just depends on the amount of effort one is willing to put into it and the mentality used to the approach. If you choose to try online dating, good luck and leave all of your inhibitions of traditional dating upon entering the log in.

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